Some Music Videos You Maybe Forgot About But You Shouldn’t Have, Because They Are Great

It is finally starting to feel like summer here in Denver, and this weekend I sat outside and drank a Lime-a-rita (because my liquor store was SOLD OUT OF LEMONADE-RITA, which I am still angry about) and ate a popsicle and listened to a lot of music. It was very soothing and I hope that all of you are able to have a similar experience very soon, and I am going to try to facilitate that as much as I can. Here are a bunch of music videos that, if you haven’t watched them in awhile (or at all, somehow), are very deserving of some of your time today. Not quite a popsicle on the porch, but maybe close enough for a Thursday.

YOGA – Janelle Monáe

Get off my areooooolaaaaaaa.

MY LOVE – Justin Timberlake

I mourn FutureSex/LoveSounds almost daily.


Cargo shorts!!!! Overalls!!!! Gay-ass girl band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’M OUT – Ciara

I mean. Speaking of gay-ass shit.


Still delightful. Still mesmerizing.

Do you agree with the (correct) opinion that Lemonade-rita is by far the best flavor of -rita?? Do you think JT will ever recover from making his best album in 2006 and slowly declining since then?? Did you see that stupid movie with Amanda Seyfried that I saw twice in theaters??? It was really bad and I don’t recommend it but I also talk about it all the time. Remember when he was on SNL as Bon Iver and put himself to sleep with his own music? Justin! Come back to us! We deserve so much better than “Suit & Tie” and I know there are some jams on whatever that album is actually called but nothing compares to FS/LS. You know what’s cooler than a million dollars, Justin? Making a better album. Remember when that joke was relevant? All right, I’m going back to work.