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witchsong is a mostly-music (and tv, and movies, and nail polish, and books, and some other things, but mostly music) blog. our staff and contributors are people from a variety of backgrounds and identities that get really fucking excited about music and other medias and about the places they occupy in our lives and want to talk about it, and witchsong gives them a place to be as complicated or as weird in the execution of that as they want to be. we talk about a lot of pop music, and we have a generous handful of pieces about one direction, but we aim to always be talking about the things we like in a given moment, regardless of genre or release date.

in addition to our “staff,” we also have a growing body of contributors here. is there this new group you can’t stop listening to? do you read the same book every year because it just won’t give up its grip on your heart? are we missing something important to you? send us an email at hello@witchsong.com.

kenzie moore, founder and editor

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our magical and perfect logo was designed for us by the incomparable katie m. we hope you like it, i guess, but we don’t really care if you don’t.