it’s our birthday and we’ll announce a contributor week if we want to

Well, y’all, witchsong turns 1 today. In the last year, we had 39 different voices contribute to content. We published nearly 300 pieces. I can’t even begin to count how many artists we talked about. It was a better year than I ever could have anticipated, even with my shortcomings as an editor. Even with my periods of absence. I got sappy at the beginning of the year, so I’ll spare you most of that, but know this: I’m proud of witchsong. I’m proud of the people who helped make it such a phenomenal first year. I’m proud of people who took a chance and reached out about contributing even if they had no public examples of music writing to point toward.

What’s next for witchsong? We’d like to cover an even wider array of topics and artists next year. We’d like to have even more contributors. I would like to come back this time next year and say that we passed 650 posts. Instead of one contributor week, we’re going to have two. And we’re opening pitches to other medias– books, TV, and movies. Beyond that, if you have something you’d like to see witchsong do this year, let us know. We’re friendly.

Speaking of contributor week, the main point of this is to announce that witchsong will be hosting another week of purely contributor-driven content this spring. We are particularly interested in hearing about new bands and acts from genres we haven’t given enough coverage to, although of course we will still be entertaining pitches about anything and everything pop-related, including new acts, reviews, and longer-read essays. If you have contributed before and are interested in doing so, feel free to reach out. If you haven’t contributed before and might want to, definitely reach out.

Here’s how it works:

  1. By February 26th, you email us at and include: a bit about yourself, a writing sample, and 2-3 pitches.
  2. By March 25th, you send us the draft of your completed piece(s), as discussed in the response to your pitch email. We’ll start the editing process and communicate with you about more specific dates for that process.
  3. Contributor week will take place from April 18-22. That means every day that week we’ll post pieces written by contributors, hopefully some voices we haven’t heard from before.

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