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I have little to say about this song besides the obvious, which is that it FUCKING SLAYS, and I hate to use that phrase. But it does. If you are one of the many people who has been sleeping on Little Mix, like, that’s fine, it’s cool, take your time coming home, but also GET ON THE BOAT BEFORE YOU MISS THE BOAT. This is so much an Ultimate Justified Bitch song, like, what a glorious thing to have some tragic high-school boy that you pined over trying to crawl back into your life, and you look down at him over your Prada sunglasses and your ponytail is so sleek and so high and your lips are so glossy and your smile is so cruel and he can’t get with you; now you’re grown. And obviously this is my own fantasy and maybe in your head when you reject your erstwhile Prince Charming you are wearing combat fatigues and a crop top a la Gwen Stefani, whatever, this is your dream, that is the whole point of this song. This is “White Horse” if “White Horse” were an incredible dance number. No matter where you are now you are grown and you are too good for everyone who dismissed you when you were still growing. It’s so cheeky, is the best way to describe it, so flippantly defiant. It sounds like a schoolyard chant. Can’t-get-with-me-now-I’m-grown. It is delightful and mean and victorious and I love it. GROWN!

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aly was born in nashville but left before she could meet and befriend and ultimately wed taylor swift. now she lives in colorado, where she spends her time crying about bucky barnes, yelling about pop music and vampires, and writing young adult fiction.

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