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It was, for like, a solid three days, fall-like in Ohio. We’re talking open-the-door-to-leave-realize-you-need-a-jacket fall. Buy-a-goddamn-pumpkin-spice-latte fall. A new moon over the weekend and highs in the low 60s and an electricity in the air and I felt like I was coming into power, growing into myself. (Also I got my hair done last week and it looks really, really good.) Anyway, here is an 8tracks playlist to scare the village kids to.

1. halsey – control
2. how to destroy angels – a drowning
3. sza – green mile
4. fka twigs – figure 8
5. chelsea wolfe – color of blood
6. zola jesus – night
7. mø – fire rides (night version)
8. ruelle – war of hearts
9. ms mr – all the things lost
10. lorde – flicker (kanye west rework)
11.  michael o. – bottom of the river (delta rae cover)
12. the kills – i put a spell on you (screamin’ jay hawkins cover)

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Kenzie was born in Ohio and never left. She is really bad at not crying but thankfully really good at applying (and re-applying) eyeliner.

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