HAPPY AUGUST. The year is literally flying by??? It is a horrifying and glorious thing??? If you’re going back to school soon don’t fret, we are here for you; if you’re done with school and you don’t even know what month it is because everything is the same all the time, we’re here for you, too. The end of summer is hot and sticky and slowmoving and it can get weird inside your head, so try and take care of yourselves. Eat a lot of watermelon; if you have a snow cone stand near you probably get a bunch of those. Stay cool, stay above water.

This week is pop punk week here at witchsong! We are all gonna spend five days talking about the whiny boys and girls that made us who we are and it’s only fitting that your horoscopes reflect that.



Leo: “The Best Damn Thing”, Avril Lavigne. Give me an A – always give me what I want give me a V – be very very good to me R – are you gonna treat me right? I – I can put up a fight give me an L – let me hear you scream loud!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear lions. You are so magnificent and fierce and beautiful.

168b0f56e799ed32e6aa8525f4e3a0bb(if you’re not watching Steven Universe, please do that. That’s for everyone, not just Leo. It’s for your soul. I promise.)

This month I want you to think about how strong you are, how much of a force and a light. I want you to think about the fact that lions don’t kill with the force of their bite, with rending and tearing. They clamp down on the throat and they suffocate their prey. All those teeth, all those claws, and still they choose a softer violence. Strength looks different in everyone, is what I am saying. The thing I want you to do this month is to work on finding what yours is, how you wield it. I want you to work on using it productively, I want you to work on asking for what you want. A large part of this is allowing yourself to want things and – even more than that – to feel like you deserve those things, because you do! You do. Take some advice from Avril – demand to be treated right, and be willing to fight for that, however it is that you decide to fight.

Virgo: “Grand Theft Autumn,” Fall Out Boy. Maybe he won’t find out what I know – you were the last good thing about this part of town. 

It is hard to miss people; it is hard to feel like the best and brightest parts of you are gone. Your past will kick you in the teeth sometimes when you least expect it, lean out of a darkened corner and flash a smile and say remember me? Of course you do. And sometimes there’s nothing you can do. Sometimes you have to let it wash over you, to remember the things that you want so desperately to forget. Sometimes you have to miss things. Sometimes you have to acknowledge that something good has left your life so that you can look directly at the hole that it tore. This month is for looking, for mourning, for allowing yourself to feel these losses. The only way you can start to close the wound is to expose it to the air.

Libra: “Say Anything Else,” Cartel. Who you are is not up to them. Stop getting up for the let down.

You are fluid and shifting and capable of charming almost anyone, and this is a skill, it is a weapon. But there is a danger in it, which is this: you are so good at inhabiting different skins that you can forget which one you actually live in. You are good at getting what you want, at keeping situations calm and kind and diplomatic, at finding balance and creating harmony, and these things are so important. It’s when you let it define you – when you become “the mediator”, when you engage only to smooth things over, you lose the part of yourself that wants to take a side. Sometimes you need to take a side! Sometimes you have to trust your gut; sometimes balance isn’t the answer. This month I want you to work on defining your edges, on deciding when you want to take a side. You don’t necessarily have to – you can stick to that middle line all you want – but I want you to know when you actually mean it. Don’t let your desire to keep the peace override your deeper feelings.

Scorpio: “Ocean Avenue,” Yellowcard. There’s a piece of you that’s here with me.

This month is for fresh starts, for finding the beautiful places in your life, in your memory, past and present. Think about all the places you have loved, all the people you have loved in them. Think about the incredible fact of your existence, your interaction with others, the small bright things you have saved up over the course of your years on this earth. You are a constellation of the people and places and things that you value; you are made of so many memories, oceans of love. This month I want you to think about that, about the things that have made you, the things you carry with you. Things are changing; things are always changing, but no matter where you go there are bits and pieces of your life that are part of you like breathing, and some of them hurt and some of them heal. Examine them this month; make sure you’re carrying what you want to be carrying.

Sagittarius: “My Friends Over You,” New Found Glory. Though you swear that you are true I’d still pick my friends over you.

This month is for friendship, as all the months are for you, honestly. You love so hard, you give so much. You are an incredible partner in all relationships because you work so hard. You think about everything, all the ways you can express love, all the ways you can help the people you care about. This month I want you to think about the people in your life and the ways you show them how you care – and how they show you the same. Take time to do little things for them – these things nourish you as well. Celebrate them, gather them around you and let yourself be comforted. Make dinner, wrap yourself in love. Give and be given to, and remember that the family you choose is always, always more important than the one you’re born to.

Capricorn: “All the Small Things,” blink-182. Always, I know you’ll be at my show, watching, waiting, commiserating.

The people in your life that love you do so because you are worthy of love. This is the first thing you need to think about this month, that you deserve the love you are shown. The next thing is that you often don’t notice love when it’s expressed because when you express love, Capricorn, it’s big and intense and consuming. You don’t talk about your feelings until they are burning a hole in your chest, and you assume everyone else is hiding their cards as well as you are. But listen – this month I want you to try and notice the small things that people do for you, because those things are a declaration of love as strong as your own, but quieter. They come to your show, they send you flowers. They write you a letter. All of these things are love in their own way, and it’s hard for you to feel loved sometimes because you don’t always realize that. Look for love, this month; try to recognize it when it comes in small packages, and remember that you deserve it.

Aquarius: “Basket Case,” Green Day. Sometimes I give myself the creeps. Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me.

Don’t overthink it, this month. It’s easy for you to get lost in your head, the twisting alleyways of your mind, the dreamy impossible routes that your thoughts follow. Sometimes this is a good thing – most times, this is a good thing – you are endlessly creative, inventive, literally an ocean of ideas. But when your thoughts turn dark, which they can, it colors everything like black ink in water, spreading and curling and eventually turning everything the same dark color. Try your best to fight that, this month. I know it’s easier said than done, but if you catch that thought before it gets its hooks into you – if you recognize that sometimes you’re worrying just to worry – you can pull it wriggling back out of the water. It takes effort and practice and I won’t lie, it doesn’t always work, but you gotta try. You deserve that from yourself, and you have the strength to do it.

Pisces: “The Anthem,” Good Charlotte. I could never live the way they want. 

The world can be a difficult place for a soft-shelled creature like you. It often feels like it’s trying to close you down, shut you off, squeeze your soft edges into strange hard new shapes. And it’s hard to resist that! It’s hard to feel like you’re constantly fighting against some sort of supposed-to-be, some mold you don’t quite fit into. To keep your softness in the face of that, in the face of a world that wants to make you hard – that takes more strength than you often believe you have. But you have it, you have it in spades, because it takes courage and fierceness and an incredible kind of endurance, to stay soft, stay sweet. Stay hopeful and good and remember that you don’t have to be anyone except who you are. Remember that you have come this far without a shell, without becoming brittle. That’s when you break; you won’t break.

Aries: “Seventy Times Seven,” Brand New. Is that what you call tact? 

Don’t be so quick to burn your bridges, Aries. Your anger burns hot and bright and it is usually justified, usually directed where it should be. But you hold grudges; those coals smolder forever inside your mind. You look in on them from time to time, breathe a little life into them, just enough to keep them glowing. Sometimes you stay mad because you forget how to be anything else. Sometimes your anger outlasts your hurt, outlasts your reason. Holding onto your anger is justified when it keeps you sane, keeps you safe. The fire keeps you warm but it’s not worth it if it’s burning you, too. This month I want you to think about how you hurt yourself when you hurt others. Sometimes that’s the only way, but remember: you need to keep yourself safe before anything else.

Taurus: “I’d Do Anything,” Simple Plan. Will you remember me? ‘Cause I know I won’t forget you.

This is a season of loss, the end of summer, the folding and closing and dying of flowers. Everything changes, ends, becomes something different and new and old at the same time. You can’t keep everything still forever, as much as you want to, as much as you need sometimes just a moment of peace, of quiet, of stability. You can’t keep the petals from falling; all you can do is keep your memory of them intact. I want you to work on that this month, on looking at the past without letting it hurt you. It’s easy to let the light of the present color things, to make you wistful, to make you mourn. But you do the past a disservice when you only look back in sadness, and you do one to yourself as well. Value your memories; value your feelings. Let what you feel run through you, accept it, let it in, but then let it go.

Gemini: “The Middle,” Jimmy Eat World. Just try your best. Try everything you can. 

It’s a simple directive but it’s so hard, it is maybe the hardest thing in this world. Try your best. Wake up and try, every morning, try. Try to be a person, whatever that means for you that day. Stay in bed, get up, go to work, go to the park. Every minute of every day is a decision that you have made to try, and it can feel like climbing an endless mountain in a whistling bonedeep wind but it is such a miracle; you are such a miracle. To keep making that decision! To keep getting up, to keep climbing. Think about how strong that makes you, this month; think about what an endless reservoir of power you have within you. Think about how you can find ways to keep your joy, to notice beauty even as you climb. Try as hard as you can, this month, to really notice your reasons for trying.

Cancer: “This Photograph is Proof (I Know You Know),” Taking Back Sunday. Remember more than you’d like to forget.

The dark side of being a Cancer is that you carry everything with you, all the time, always, memory in your soul like a weight. It’s hard for you to forget things, anything, and that is a blessing and a curse. You carry everything beautiful with you, the joys of your life, but you also carry the sadness, the darkness. You carry the things that you want to forget and you can’t put them down but this month I want you to try. Try to think about making room in your heart, your head, your body, for the things that lift you up and give you hope. It is not an easy thing to do, to consciously turn away from the things that hurt you, I know – it feels like turning your back on them, it feels like surrender. But it is the bravest thing you can do, and the kindest to yourself.

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