Woozy is the first word that comes to mind when you listen. Think about when you’re out and it’s too late and you can feel the music somewhere deep in your gut but it is a battle to keep your eyes open, because you had a drink or two more than you should have but you want to keep dancing, you want to stay up until the sun comes up, so you’re sort of half swaying your hips with a glass of water in one hand and a beer in the other and there is lipstick on the neck of the bottle and on the cheeks of your friends and you are just so tired— that is what B. Miles’s newest release, “Shaking Hands,” sounds like.

There’s something unmistakably sultry, even sexy, in the beat. Then there are her vocals, by turns pouting and crystal clear, almost purring on lines like “I think I killed a man but it wasn’t planned” and then soaring just a few bars later on “want you to look me in the eye and tell me what you’re waiting for, oooh oooh oh.” The lyrics have some downright Holzer-esque truisms, but Miles wields them in a way that makes you nod along instead of rolling your eyes. It’s just the sort of glittering dark pop we’re into around here. A release, and a musician, worth paying attention to.

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Kenzie was born in Ohio and never left. She is really bad at not crying but thankfully really good at applying (and re-applying) eyeliner.

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