Hello, lovebugs. I am so sorry this is late, I am so sorry! I love you all a lot. I have been dealing with some personal stuff that is at least in part related to how terrible the month of March was for most of us, and like, that’s not an excuse, but I am sorry and I hope we are all still friends.

I had planned to do a One Direction-themed tarot column during our 1D week, but as many of you remember, everything went to hell in a handcart and a lot of stuff didn’t end up happening. And then stuff kept not happening, and here we are and it’s April and you don’t have any horoscopes. So guess what is happening! Yes, yes, yes. It’s time for BELIEVE IN THE SKY: ONE DIRECTION 2015. We’re only nine days in, and I’m hoping that the rest of this month will be beautiful and filled with song and light and no one will hurt you or leave you or otherwise make it difficult for you to focus on what’s important. This is my weird benediction to you, my darlings, please forgive me and stay with me and I promise we won’t be late again.



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Aries: Spaces

HEY ARIES. IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY. You know what that means, right? Survival. Complete and total victory again, yet again, as our beloved JD says. You have stayed on this gigantic spinning rock for another year, and you have done so against incredible odds. I am proud of you, and you should be proud of yourself. Listen: my specific advice to you this month is this. Let something beyond fire guide you, at least at first. Don’t lead with anger, don’t be so quick to judge, to turn and walk away. You are so often smoldering, ready to flash into something that will burn, but a lot of times that is irrevocable. There is a difference between a controlled burn and a wildfire, and I want you to think about that this month. There are some bridges you want burned, but just – just make sure before you burn them, is what I’m saying. Don’t be the first to walk away unless you mean it. If you burn, burn slowly, burn true, burn clean.

Taurus: Strong

You are such an enigma, Taurus. You are the strong and silent type, you are the steadfast warm and able guy. You are so often a rock for others, and sometimes it comes at the expense of your own stability. This month I want you to think about boundaries, about what you give away and what you keep. I am not at all saying that you should stop being there for those you love – that is one of the best things about you, Taurus, and I would never ask you to change that part of yourself. What I am asking is that you consider some balance, some equilibrium. You thrive on being able to support the ones who need you, but there is a point past which it becomes a drain on you, no matter how much you want to pretend it doesn’t. There are more constructive ways for you to be strong, and one of those is this: to lean on one another, so that both of you are both being held and holding each other up. You give so much to those who love you, and you don’t see how desperately they want to give back to you. Let them make you strong.

Gemini: She’s Not Afraid

So many things are flowering right now, Gemini, and you are one of them. I know you feel all wrong right now, crumpled up and confined, elbows in your sides and everything seems so dark somehow, but it’s because you’re a bud. There is nothing wrong with this close darkness – sometimes the things you think are confining you are simply waiting for you to be ready. Reach out, this month, start to unfold yourself. Press against those walls as hard as you feel like, or not at all – if you’re not ready it’s okay. The season is long, and it’s going to be warm for so many days. You have as much time as you need, and that’s what I want you to remember. Whenever you do decide to start flexing, wiggling, getting ready to unfurl out of the place you’ve been in for so long, the sun will be out. The world will welcome you with open arms. Don’t be afraid.

Cancer: What Makes You Beautiful

You have such love in you, such a nurturing grace, a kind of lifegiving energy. You are maternal, and what I mean when I say that is that you care for everything, people and animals and whatever else, as if they were your own flesh and blood. You defend them with teeth and claws, you lick their wounds, you get up at two in the morning to feed them. You are as close to God as a person can get, Cancer, in terms of unconditional love. Your heart is so big and so brave and so eternally ready to give, overflowing, never ending. The thing is, though, is that you don’t always realize that the street runs two ways. Listen: you are worthy of as much love as you give away if not more, and it is in your interest sometimes to demand it, and to walk away when it’s not given to you. There is so much out there that deserves your love that will return it.

Leo: Something Great

So many things are about to start happening for you. You are at the top of a roller coaster, teetering breathless, in the moment before the plunge forward. You are in the moment before everything begins. This is the time where the work happens, and I know you are frazzled and scared, but let me tell you that you are more than capable of doing what you need to. You have so much light in you, such a quiet reserve of strength. Imagine, okay, that you are squeezing forward through a very tight space. It seems eternal, and it seems impossible, but know this: beyond this painful, narrow point there is an expansion so wide and so sudden that your heart will not quite believe it at first. Keep squeezing forward, keep believing in yourself. The reward will be beautiful beyond anything you’ve dreamed.

Virgo: Don’t Forget Where You Belong

I know you value stability, and peace, and I know that you feel like you have neither of those things right now. Everything is changing all the time, and there is so little to hold on to, it seems. This month is the time for taking stock of the things in your life that haven’t changed, the things you can count on. I promise that they are there – all you need to do is look for them. It is so hard, to disengage yourself from this panic, this feeling like the floor will never stop dropping out from under you, but for your own sake I need you to try. Take a little inventory of your life, of the people and things you feel are constant, and realize that there are more of them than you thought. Hold on to those things with all your might, and know that you are safe and loved and that no matter what changes there are some things that never will.

Libra: Nobody Compares

Your sign is so often associated with justice, Libra. The scales. This is tired, but it’s not necessarily untrue, and it might behoove you this month to take it a little more into consideration. What I’m saying is that you are something of a leader, a beacon, a person that people take cues from, whether you like it or not. You are strong and compelling and bold, and these things make people want to listen to you. I’m not saying you have to get on that platform and end the evils of the world, but I am saying that it is worth remembering. Your action, or inaction, in any given situation, is more of a model than you realize. This month, think about what you are saying-without-saying, what you are endorsing, what you stand for. It is worth it to be very sure of these things, to know for certain what you value, what you are made of, what you represent, what you will go to battle for.

Scorpio: Rock Me

When the weight of things seems insurmountable it is so tempting to simply stop, to give up, to let yourself be crushed under everything that faces you. You are smarter than that, though, and quicker and fiercer and more dangerous, and I don’t want you to forget that. You are such a force, even when you feel less-than, even when you feel like you are weak. You are, like, baseline incredibly strong, and you’re so used to that that when you feel the slightest bit weaker than usual, the slightest bit powerless, you assume that things are much worse than they are. But listen! Even weak, a scorpion can kill and eat something. You have so much in your arsenal and all you have to do is remember that it is there. Your perception of what is stopping you is so much greater than your perception of yourself, and I want you to try very hard this month to reverse that, to get closer to the truth. To remember how strong you are.

Sagittarius: Save You Tonight

Don’t burn out. Remember that you are just one person, and that the world is very large. There is no shame in asking for help, in being a person that needs help. There is no shame in wishing, however briefly, that you were a child again, tucked in with the night-light on and a bright shining future stretching before you. What I want you to try and think about this month is that you are still that child, even now, even as you try to save the world. It is not weakness to feel alone, and to want someone to take care of you. It is human, and it is something that you need to allow yourself. Even the greatest superheroes have sidekicks; even they need to be saved sometimes. Try to ask for help this month, whenever you need it, and try as hard as you can to remember that you deserve it. It’s okay.

Capricorn: Little Black Dress

At your core, Capricorn, you are a very cold fire. I mean this in the best way, in a way I am envious of. You are so controlled, so very cool. If Capricorn were at Hogwarts it would be a Slytherin, and I love Slytherin. What I am saying is that you know what you want and you do what you need to in order to get it. There is very little room for unnecessary emotion with you, which can be a great strength but can also be a weakness. This month I want you to think about how much you’re letting yourself feel, if that makes sense. Whether you are holding yourself back from some emotion, something inside of you. You have the capacity for unflinching honesty and I want you to direct that at yourself, at your feelings, at what you feel is necessary. I want you to think about the idea that letting yourself feel things is not always a weakness.

Aquarius: Alive

You are perhaps the most adaptable, mentally, of all of the Zodiac signs, and what I mean when I say that is that it takes very little to acclimate you to new ideas, new things. This month will test the limits of that incredible elastic patience of yours, and I want to tell you this now – it is okay if there are things you can’t handle. It is okay if there is something you can’t adjust to right away, or even at all. Your flexibility often reaches a point where it feels expected, roll with the punches, take it easy, but that is not something that is required of you. It is not all that you are, and you will know in your core when it feels dishonest and this month I want you to try and be aware of that. There are things a person cannot take, whether they are small or large, and it is not your job to take them anyway. You are allowed your breaking point, and what’s more, you are allowed many points before that point. Listen to yourself, and trust yourself.

Pisces: Stand Up

You are so much braver, so much more capable of bravery, than you give yourself credit for. This month I want you to think about all of the things you have done in your life, how far you have come, the person that you have grown into. You didn’t get here by being weak, no matter how much you consider yourself that way. You have fought to be where you are, and you have earned it, and because of that it is reasonable and valid when you feel fear. You are not some cowering thing afraid of everything life throws at you, and because of that when you are scared you need to take yourself seriously. Don’t dismiss yourself, your feelings, your trepidation. Value yourself and what you have already accomplished enough to trust what you feel, and to work through it as you have done so many times before. Don’t belittle yourself; accept your emotions as they are and know that they are true and real and part of you, and that they will pass and you will remain.


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