Being Too Much: Of Monsters and Men’s “I Of The Storm”

I mean, I don’t want to be overly prescriptive, since Of Monsters and Men’s new single “I Of The Storm” has only been available to the general public audience for three days, but: if you are a person who knows what it feels like to lie up at night with fear clutching at your chest, thinking of all the things you’ve done wrong, working them over and over in your head to try and mete out enough peace to sleep, you should listen to this song. If you are eager to please and scared that you will fall short, you should listen to this song. If you have drifted uneasily in and out of your own skin, fighting against the insistent suspicion of I am a stranger / I am an alien inside a structure, you should listen to this song. If you are prone to fits of self-described ghostliness, shaking like a leaf or maybe it echoes when I breathe, you should listen to this song. If you are bowled over by the disgusting enormity of your own uncontrollable consciousness, like I feel it biting / I feel it break my skin / So uninviting, you should listen to this song. If you have ever felt afraid you will be denied a love you could have had, or that you will be responsible for losing a love you thought you earned, you should listen to this song. If you are always trying to map out the edges of where you end and your mind begins, if you struggle to ensure you create a distinction between all my thoughts and all my faults, if you are an I that both belongs to and stands apart from a storm of your own, well, I’m just saying. You should listen to this song. It’s right on the edge of being too much, but it all holds together. And really, isn’t that all anyone could ask for?

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Corbin grew up in the bitterly cold boreal forest and doesn't understand how she came to be living in a place where roses bloom in January. She likes rich strange foods, window seats, and corvids.

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