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a playlist for girls who just aren’t that interested

Listen, love is like, great and stuff or whatever. This isn’t a playlist about being single on Valentine’s Day, or about not valuing love as a concept, or even about like, being strong and independent, not that that’s a bad thing. It’s a playlist about wanting to be left alone because the world is complicated, because love and desire are complicated, and because you are important and bored.
Anyway, like, regardless of whatever reaching implications I’m trying to stumblingly explain, mostly, like, oh my god boys are almost universally insufferable and I want them all to go away. That’s what this playlist is about. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Sucker – Charli XCX – so you wanna bang? well, fuck you
M.F.P.O.T.Y. – Cher Lloyd – ew, what’s wrong with you? no the problem is not my attitude
She’s Not Afraid – One Direction – every time I tell her that I want more she closes the door
Bye Baby – Danity Kane – there’s more out there to love than just you
Music to Make Boys Cry – Diana Vickers – don’t need to make you love me
Body Of My Own – Charli XCX – yeah I can do it better when I’m all alone
Panic Cord – Gabrielle Aplin – you were happy, I was bored
Never That Young – Kyla La Grange – I’m not gonna be the other heart
How Ya Doin? – Little Mix – you called, I missed it, never gettin back gettin tired of listening

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