two weeks later, or, i love to hear myself talk

(photo, wrist, and tiny witchsong logo all by our very own corbin)

I hate the sound of my own voice but I still love to hear myself talk, to be talking, to be heard. Without people to talk to, I’ll talk to the cat, to my laptop, to the house. I think you have to, to some extent, to think to yourself, “You know, I think I’m going to spend actual money I worked to earn to create a whole platform for me to talk about more of my opinions.” What I’m trying to say is—no one should be surprised that we started the two launch weeks (why have one when you can have two, right?) of witchsong with what just amounted to me talking, and we’re ending it that way too. (Well, actually, no we aren’t, because you’ll get some reactions to the “Style” video and maybe if you’re lucky a Valentine’s playlist from us yet today, but otherwise, this is it.)

Over the past two weeks, we published album reviews and personal essays and playlists, we started a series that is little more than a thinly veiled attempt to woo Kristen Stewart, we gave you February horoscopes and so many pieces about tarot cards, we talked about music that breaks our heart, that rebuilds us, that makes us want to dance. We published 33 pieces of writing, not a single one written by a man, which feels like an accomplishment in a realm of writing dominated by male voices. Things may have gotten a little weird for you, a little too personal; I’m assuming if you’re reading this, though, you liked that bit of weird, you liked the way more than one of us peeled away our skin to reveal the vulnerable squishy bits inside to the entire internet (the other option is you are my mom; hi, Mom!). You can expect more of that. A lot more, if we’re being honest.

Is it too boastful to say I’m proud of us? Of the writing I’ve gotten to have a hand in taking public since day one? Of the reaction we’ve gotten from people? Well, if so, too late because I already said it. Don’t hold it against the site, it isn’t witchsong’s fault she’s got a self-obsessed perfectionist as a founder.

And looking forward, we’ve already got so many wonderful pieces in the works or waiting to be posted, schedules for some truly impressive theme weeks (well, just One very special theme week), new ideas. We’ve got plans, is what I’m trying to say. This isn’t just a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants thing. I feel reasonably comfortable saying you’re in good hands. Well-manicured hands, at that.

I’d also like to use this as an opportunity to let you all in on one of those plans, which is that we are going to be rolling out TOIL AND TROUBLE, an advice column that doles out advice via music and via the smart, smart insights of not one but two wonderful writers. If you can’t figure out how to feel less broken, if your mind won’t stop replaying every interaction between you and the cute guy that works at the place you stop to get your fountain pop but you can’t talk to him, if the suffocating weight of your responsibilities feels like so much you want to just run away halfway across the world, or if you have any other thing troubling you for which you’d like some guidance, send us an email at and put ADVICE in the subject line. You can also drop us a line on the hellowitchsong tumblr; I’ll make sure it gets to the right people.

We care a lot about this site, and we put a lot of work into it, into the scaffolding, into the content. And it is work. It’s getting frustrated when site functions don’t work the way they should, navigation inexplicably ceasing to work, staying up until 3 am working on a piece. For me personally, I cried while reading pitches, I cried when people said nice things about it. I cried a lot. I’m a crier. But I speak on behalf of the whole group of us when I say we’re excited to keep going. To keep writing. To keep trying to dig to what it is in music that makes something in our souls stand at attention and go “YES!” (To keep wooing Kristen Stewart.) Here’s to two more weeks, and months after that, and years after that.

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Kenzie was born in Ohio and never left. She is really bad at not crying but thankfully really good at applying (and re-applying) eyeliner.


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