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HELLO! Welcome to witchsong horoscopes. This is going to be a monthly column written by Aly, and we are starting the year late and pretending we didn’t. Forgive us. Or don’t, we’re not your boss.

You’ll get one playlist a month, one song for each sign, along with some advice that you can choose to take (if you want). Again, not your boss. Each month’s playlist is hosted at 8tracks.com/witchscopes.

Art for witchsong horoscopes is done by the beautiful and talented Briana Finegan of advicecollage.tumblr.com, and her work is available for purchase at Society6.

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Capricorn: If I told you everything, you’d turn to run, I know that you would. “Midwest”, Grand Falconer.

You are holding all your cards so close to your chest right now that you’re choking yourself with them. It takes faith in yourself and in the world to let anyone else see them, but the path you have walked has honed your judgment to a stinging razor-sharp point. Now it’s time to trust yourself. You don’t have to let everyone in – you don’t have to let anyone in, if you don’t want to. But your instincts are those of the hunted and the hunter, and they are much keener than you give them credit for. Listen to your heart this month.

Aquarius: There are some things that beg to be said without subtlety. “Ur the Shhh”, Amel Larrieux.

It is tempting – especially when you are as good with words as you are, Aquarius – it is tempting to use language as a barrier, as a shroud, as illusion. Don’t let it hide you. Nothing you think or feel is less valid for being unspoken. Spend time this month inside your own head; examine yourself honestly and straightforwardly. Think about what it means to share something with someone, and to not share it with anyone but yourself. Choose the pieces of yourself that you give away, and then give them wholeheartedly.

Pisces: You’ve spent many nights sleeping facedown again, for fear – for fear that your heart might leap clear. “All for Love”, Jukebox the Ghost.

Try not to be afraid this month. Try not to let your idea of yourself get in the way of yourself. Stop saving your love for certain things – I know sometimes it feels this way, but you won’t run out. No one cares who you’re supposed to be except you, and it’s tempting to let the past define the future, but you’re more than that. You are growing and blossoming and opening into something beautiful. You are what you love – love everything you want. Your heart is bigger and braver than you think it is.

Aries: I got your letter in the mailbox today, and I said thank you for your thoughts but I am done. “Coney Island,” Good Old War.

You are holding onto your hurt like you are clutching barbed wire. It stings, and it reminds you, but you can’t go anywhere else. It is the bravest thing you can do, to remember what you have suffered and to continue surviving it. You will always be surviving it. But there is a difference between remembering it and carrying it on your back. That barb will cut your palm until you let it go. The fence will still be there, but you can walk away from it. Don’t let them win after all you’ve been through.

Taurus: We are all our hands and holders, beneath this bold and brilliant sun. “Don’t Carry It All,” the Decemberists.

Open yourself up this month. It is so often your way to do everything yourself, to go it alone, and you have been walking down a narrow, lonely corridor of your heart for some time now. It is not weakness to share your burden. It is not weakness to need other people. Think about trust this month; how you get it, how you lose it. How you give it to others. There are those out there who are worthy of yours, Taurus, but you have to be willing to let them carry you for a bit.

Gemini: But I don’t regret falling for your fool’s gold. “Fool’s Gold,” One Direction.

This is a month for coming to terms with yourself; with the things you have done and the person you have been. There is no use in regret. The best and truest thing you can do in this life is to meet the things you have done face-to-face and learn from them, and you are strong enough to do it. Every part of the perfect creature that you are now is your past, pressed into the diamond that is you. You alone can choose the parts of your narrative that you wish to keep, to learn from, to weave into song, to never regret.

Cancer: He takes the day, but I’m grown. “Tears Dry on Their Own,” Amy Winehouse.

Don’t burn yourself out with anger; don’t let it eat you alive. You are bigger than the battles you fight. Things have a way of seeming so permanent, so endless, and it is easy to lose yourself down that rabbit hole, but licking your wounds for too long will infect them. This too shall pass, they say, and sometimes they are wrong but more often than not they aren’t. Sometimes there is a deeper victory than the one you think you want, and if you can keep hold of that thought through the red in your vision you may win it.

Leo: We thought we lost you. Welcome back. “Adventures in Solitude,” the New Pornographers.

It is a long winter, and you are buried in the soil of yourself like a seed, hibernating, waiting. You are always waiting, it seems. It’s never going to be as warm as you want it to be out there, but remember: you are the sun. You have such power within you, such a bright shining core. Take this month and think about your light, your warmth, what you give to everyone around you. It is easy to forget your value, but you are a marvel. Don’t run, don’t hide; don’t stay buried.

Virgo: My mind holds the key. “My Body is a Cage,” Arcade Fire.

Examine things closely and honestly this month. A lot of what troubles you is inside you – do you remember the Hunger Games? Do you remember real/not real? This is your task, this month: to play this game with yourself. There is enough that you have to fight in this world without fighting yourself, but it can be the most difficult thing there is, to be your own ally. Take small steps into caring for yourself this month, mentally and physically. Listen to Taylor Swift; think about “I was there.” Think about your truth.

Libra: I’m fully grown, but I’m on tenterhooks. “French Navy,” Camera Obscura.

No one is watching you this month. No one is watching you ever. I mean this in the best way, in a way that should be freeing and soothing and terrifying to you all at once. The spotlight that you feel on you is one of your own making, and it’s so bright that it’s obscuring you. It hides your ideas, your thoughts, and your feelings. It is a light that burns – the light of comparison, of fear, of insecurity – and it is one that you have the power to turn off. Hold yourself up, exactly as you are, in the pure light of day.

Scorpio: You can do what you like to please me. “Sexy Mistake,” the Chalets.

Paint your eyelids gold this month. Paint everything gold; gild your heart. Think about how elemental you are, how perfectly structured. Gold can be fragile, but it’s beautiful, and it bends before it breaks. Don’t let them break you. Melt for them a little; let them show you their cards. Let them think it was their idea. When they say something is “malleable” what they really mean is “adaptable.” Think about what you want this month, from the world, from others, from yourself. You know how to get it.

Sagittarius: It’s never winter when it’s Donna Summer all year long. “Disco Love,” the Saturdays.

You have started to learn, this last year, about independence. About how love doesn’t compromise it, when it’s right. About friendships deeper and wider and stronger than the ocean. You are one person, complete and whole, and you have always felt that way. But there is wholeness in being together, too, and completeness, and it’s this new feeling that I want you to explore this month. You have always been fiercely apart – now use that fierceness in being with others.

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